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Quilting your finished quilt top using a longarm machine can take significantly less time than hand-quilting or the more traditional machine-quilting with a regular sewing machine. Saving-time is a huge factor in the popularity of longarm quilting services.

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About Linda Livermore, Fabric Artist, Quilter  
Sewing and Quilting is a natural form of 'artistic expression' for Linda as ancestors on her father's side were a family of tailors and dressmakers dating back to great-grandparents in Sicily. Linda started learning how to sew clothing at age 12, and much later began quilting as a way to relieve the pressures and tensions of her corporate career (now retired).

"My daughter Amy, made a memory quilt from a collection of family photographs in 2000 and I was totally captivated by how much love and thought went into this wonderful fabric creation, so I just had to quilt!  In addition to relieving stress, the pleasure that comes from the creative process is actually a fantastic form of relaxation. I quickly discovered the satisfaction that comes from working with and exploring different fabrics to create the story that will be told through each uniquely beautiful quilt."

Linda's personal style of quilting patterns is a mix of contemporary and traditional, and she's recently added tee-shirt quilts to her skill-set. Perfect gift for people who have saved favorite t-shirts representing sports tournaments, marathon races, vacations, concerts, favorite sayings, or other beloved graphic tee-shirts, the latest trend is to recycle these shirts by turning them into a quilt!

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